Looking for a flyscreen solution to keep the insects away?

Formosa Screens’ retractable pleated flyscreens are very suited for bi-fold doors, french door, stacker doors, casement windows, servery windows and bi-fold windows.

Below are some popular questions, if they’re not on the list, please leave your message in our Contact page for personal service.


How do I purchase your product?

As we don’t sell to end users ourselves, we can re-direct you to your nearest Formosa Screens reseller. Please email your contact information to enquiry@formosascreens.com.au or leave your details in our contact us form.

What is the mesh made of?

Our mesh is made from Polyethylene + Polypropylene (PE+PP), which is as strong as plastic. It will not rust and offers UV protection.

How do I take care of my retractable pleated flyscreens? See your Maintenance and Care Guidelines Here

A maintenance and care instruction will be included in the package upon installation of your screens.

To clean your flyscreens, simply wipe the surface of the frames gently with water using a cloth and make sure there are no leaves or dust in the gutter of the bottom track.

Daily Maintenance
When the flyscreen is not in use, please make sure the mesh remains within the tracks. This will increase the life of the mesh.

To improve the sliding of flyscreen, use spray and wipe polish (such as Mr Sheen Polish) on the track to gain continuous smooth opening and closing.

Mesh Care
Insect screening materials can be effectively cleaned with a soft bristled brush or with the furniture brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Wash down the mesh monthly using warm tap water. Keep the mesh closed within the tracks after the wash, and allow to dry.
IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances should you use steel wool, scourer pads, abrasive based cleaners, scouring liquids or powders, or caustic solutions as these will cause permanent damage to the finish and void the product guarantee. It is also important to prevent any run through by pets or children as it will not be covered by warranty.

What happens if my children run through the mesh?

Our specialised design allows simple replacement of mesh without removing any fixed part when required. As Formosa Screens is fully responsible of your after sell service, please send your information across so our customer care will be in contact with you shortly for any after sell services.

Is the mesh midge proof?

Yes, our mesh is finer mesh than the normal fly screen. It has 20 x 20 strands per inch.

Can I have the screens colour matched to my Doors/Windows??

Yes, with our aluminium extrusions, we have a range of standard colours as well as special powder coating colours to match your preferred colour at a only little extra charge.

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