Applicant agrees as follows:

1. This Application is submitted for review by Formosa Screens, its officers, employees, and agents. The Applicant will be informed whether or not their application for dealership is accepted.

2. This Application does not bind the Applicant to accept, nor does it bind Formosa Screens in any way to offer an Formosa Screens Distributorship Agreement to Applicant. Any investment, expenditures, agreements, and other acts or omissions made by Applicant in anticipation of such a Distributor Agreement or in reliance upon this application are made at Applicant’s sole risk and responsibility and do not obligate Formosa Screens or any of its employees or agents in any way.

3. The execution of a written Distributor Agreement between Formosa Screens and Applicant is the only manner by which Applicant may be appointed a distributor of Formosa Screens products. Applicant acknowledges that no representations or statements have been made to Applicant by Formosa Screens or on the behalf of Formosa Screens, which would in any way tend to change or modify any terms of this Application or of any Distributor Agreement that may be executed. Applicant is not relying upon any such representations or statements in submitting this Applicant.

4. Formosa Screens has made no representations, assurances, or guarantees to Applicant as to the profitability or success of any distributorship. The profitability or success of any distributorship depends on market conditions and economic factors that are beyond Applicant’s and Formosa Screens control. Applicant’s investment in any distributorship is made solely at Applicant’s risk.

5. Any material misrepresentation or omission, intentional or unintentional, in the information supplied by Applicant to Formosa Screens shall constitute grounds for Formosa Screens to immediately terminate any Distributor Agreement that may be entered into by Formosa Screens with Applicant.

6. The Applicant will ensure that all written material provided by the Formosa Screens to the Applicant to facilitate their discussions is safely and securely stored when not in use. The Applicant acknowledges that such material including all copies thereof remains the absolute and exclusive property of the Formosa Screens.

7. The Applicant indemnifies Formosa Screens against any loss, damage, cost (including legal costs on a solicitor-client or full indemnity basis whichever is the higher) or expense suffered or incurred by the Formosa Screens directly or indirectly in connection with or arising out of or as a result of a breach by the Applicant or the Applicant’s directors, officers, agents, employees of the Applicant or professional advisers of any of the terms of this Agreement.

8. Applicant shall not make any statement to this Application or otherwise relating to Formosa Screens or Formosa Screens products unless Formosa Screens gives prior written consent.

9. This Application is submitted to Formosa Screens and is governed by the laws.

10. All new dealer applications are meant to be trading under cleared funds until a credit application has been filled and approved by Formosa Screens.

11. By clicking Agree to Terms and Condition button, the applicant acknowledges that the information entered above is true and correct.